9 Pieces of Advice from Real Couples

Unless you’ve planned a wedding before, chances are you’ll find things that you would have done differently. That’s why I asked past couples for their pieces of advice for you newly engaged folk!

A couple getting married at Vancouver City Hall.

1. figure out your priorities.

Sit down together and have a conversation about what is most important to you for your big day. Is it keeping family at the centre of things? Is it achieving a certain vibe? Is it hiring a dream vendor? Is it keeping it within a certain budget? Whatever it is, write it out and keep it close by so that you can look back on it and stay on track.

2. budget.

Weddings can be expensive. There are so many things that you can splurge on, but there are also so many ways that you can save! Having your priorities listed out before you make your budget will help you see where your money is best put to use.

3. book your venue first!

When I first entered the wedding industry, the biggest shock to me was how competitive booking a venue can be. There are some really beautiful places to get married, but venues see a lot of demand. So make a list of a few different venues that you like, have several dates available, and reach out to them, like, yesterday.

4. Pinterest is your new bestie.

It’s sometimes really hard to envision what your day will look like when all you have are little pieces and fragments scattered throughout your phone, your computer, and magazines. Gathering all that up in a Pinterest Board will help you see what it looks like all together. From there, you can refine your vision and avoid getting things that you don’t need. There are so many decisions to make while wedding planning so having a visual to stick to is beyond helpful.

5. get organized.

There are so many little things to plan for, timelines to stick to, and pieces to keep track of. Having everything all in one place will make your life 1000000x easier. Just trust me on this one. Apps like Wedding Wire, Wedding Planner by The Knot, and WeddingHappy are all great places to start.

6. keep it true to you.

You don’t have to have a trend-setting wedding. It’s not a competition, and your wedding is not happening so that you can impress people. Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other, so let go of what you think it “should” be and focus on what you want it to be! Do you like brunch more than dinner? Have an early wedding! Like going on adventures? Elope in the mountains. Love spending time with your family? Get the photos done before your ceremony then party it up with your family all night!! This is your day. Not anyone else’s, so do what makes you happy.

7. have an honest conversation with both sets of parents!

Your parents will likely want to be involved with dreaming up your day, but the reality is that you probably don’t need them for a big portion of it. At the beginning of this wedding planning journey, sit down with your parents and talk about what their roles are in your day, where you need help, and where you are putting some boundaries up. This can look different for everyone, but managing these expectations right off the bat will benefit everyone.

8. your vendors matter!

You don’t have to book the first vendor that messages you back. Your vendors are HUGE parts of your day and have the potential to make your wildest dreams come true. So it’s okay to wait until you hear back from a few and pick the one that you jive with best!

9. let go and enjoy your day!

It’s not going to be perfect. Things are going to go wrong and you can either choose to let it steal the joy from this once-in-a-lifetime day, OR you can embrace it and let it go. If, at the end of the day, you and your love are married… then your wedding was a success.


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